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Born and raised in the deep woods of rural Canada, bbbhltz tries to do as little as possible as often as he can.

As a child of the 80s, he is a fan of cartoons, Transformers, Star Trek, Star Wars and computers. Although he never learned to programme, it is a minor regret that he wants to remedy some day. He learned to do very basic things with computers in school using Apple IIs and then PCs. He discovered the Internet and the Web. After high school he went to a university and had a laptop and Wi-fi. Then he moved to France and got fed up with Windows and switched to Linux.

He is paid to speak his native language and talk about business and communication. He uses that money to buy things like music and coffee.

If you like the things on this bbblog you can email him.

If you don’t like the things on this bbblog you can also let him know; he has very thick skin and prefers direct honesty.


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