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Using Markdown and Pandoc to make a simple invoice
First attempt at making an invoice with Markdown. It won't save you any time, but it's a start!
23 November 2021

The Eco-Concious Tech Sham
Greenwashing, e-waste, and icebergs
20 November 2021

Shanling Q1: I need help
A great retro-styled hi-fi music player with a tiny problem
18 November 2021

The Brutal New Worlds of Alain Damasio
The French author who sees the future. Spoiler: it isn't awesome.
13 November 2021

Update: Punkt MP02
A quick note on changes to the device
12 November 2021

Technology, Ecology, and Whales
Can we use NLP to decode whale chatter? Will we become more interested in ecology by doing so?
29 April 2021

The Privacy-Security Rabbit Hole
A Tale Absent of Advice, Facts, Research, and Best Practices
26 April 2021

The Punkt. MP02 Minimalist Mobile Phone
What's the deal with this expensive little device?
15 April 2021

Linux Users Like Lovely Logos
So many distros, so many logos; do they mean anything?
26 March 2021

The Show Must Go On: Making Slides with Markdown and Pandoc
There is more to presentations than PowerPoint and Keynote.
4 March 2021

Tips for Students: Report Writing
A primer for writing simple reports.
21 February 2021

Listicle: Documentaries, Films, And Series About Information Technology And Its Influence On Humanity
A primer for people interested in how IT affects us.
11 February 2021

Listicle: An Annotated List of Science-Fiction Books
A Sci-fi primer for dystopia.
10 February 2021

Tips for Students: The Browser
Hint: don't open 100 tabs.
28 January 2021